Cause Of Information Poverty

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Information poverty is one of the main forms of poverty today that affects the lives of billions of people on a daily basis (Britz, 2006). Information poverty is a serious ethical issue. It does not only affect the individual/society in terms of human dignity and autonomy, but also restricts the individual’s and society’s capability to make choices and to develop.
The purpose of this research will be the following: (1) Identifying the causes of information poverty; which may include information illiteracy, lack of information resources and other resources in general, rapid developments within the Information and Communications Technology industry, poverty and a lack of infrastructural facilities (Aguolo, 1997). (2) Identifying the effects of
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Information poverty implies the absence of computers and access to communication: “people without computers and access to communication lines will be the information poor in the future unless other avenues for access are provided by libraries” (Buckley, 1987:47). Information poverty is a complicated social and cultural phenomenon and cannot be seen as equivalent to economic poverty. Information poverty is also understood as a primary relation to the human being and his/her attitude towards information. For example the problems of information poverty are seen as a complex situation because it embraces delegates such as individual attitudes, skills and…show more content…
Brits argues that “the ICT has the capacity to both increase and restrict access to information needed to satisfy needs, and the second is that socio-economic and political disadvantages will in most cases produce informational disadvantages. Certain categories of valuable information, such as economic information, are mainly available in an electronic format. In most cases this implies that poor people, due to financial costs and in many cases a lack of know-how knowledge of modern ICT, are unable to access and fully exploit these technologies and thereby benefit from these categories of information. Poor people are therefore in most cases marginalized and even excluded from digitized world economy which is based on access to and use of information. ICT has accelerated the production and distribution of information, but at the same time has exacerbated the gap between those who have access to and use of information and those who do

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