Cause Of Pain In Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus’ name translated means causer of pain, and many other things. Odysseus causes pain in several different ways demonstrated throughout the books. When odysseus first left for Troy, it hurt Penelope because she had just given birth to Telemachus. This caused Penelope several problems, because her husband was leaving her. Although Odysseus was only supposed to be gone two weeks, it still caused worry and concern. Odysseus caused pain by being gone for twenty years. No one in the family knew where Odysseus was. He was assumed to be dead. Him being gone for twenty years, caused Telemachus to have an identity crisis. This happened because he grew up with no father. In addition to Odysseus being gone for twenty years, his absence also caused suitors. Suitors took over…show more content…
Odysseus does suffert through some pain. One reason, is that he is alone at sea. He has no crew mates for part of his journey. He is all alone, no one to communicate with, no one to discuss things about. He´s just all by himself. Odysseus also suffers through some pain, because he hasn't seen or talked to his wife or kid in 20 years. Every Time odysseus is almost home, something happens. He is constantly being set back from finally reaching his end destination. When he is close, his crewmates open the bag of winds. This sends them to an island, and they have to find their way back. Although Odysseus can be hurt but he is still a tough guy.

The last meaning of Odysseus´ name is causer of trouble. As well as creating pain and suffering from pain, Odysseus also causes trouble. Odysseus causes problems with the gods, creating tension, and anger. Odysseus and poseidon had a problem, because poseidon supports the trojans, and odysseus was a member of the greek war. They defeated the trojans in battle. Odysseus also causes problems with his anger. He is a very physical person, and an angry one. He will fight you if you get on his bad side.
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