Cause Of Poverty In America Essay

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There are many causes for poverty in America. According to, the common causes of poverty are “poor economy, drug use and lack of education”. In addition, debts and medical expenses. Having a poor economy can ruin people’s life because people depend on the economy. When the economy goes down people have limited resources and may have to ration out their food and money. And if they don’t know how to budget their money they could end up losing everything. Drug use also leads down to poverty because drug users get addicted and spend all of their money on drugs. Sometimes they would not eat and would end up buying their good even their homes to get money and buy their drugs. Once you start there is no way out. Until you end up in the…show more content…
Also, for drug abusers, provide more programs to try to get them out. Most drug users end up using drugs because they couldn’t find help somewhere else when they need help. Same thing for education, people don’t get educated because tuition rates are high and people don’t want to end up with debts. It also requires time and commitment, and most people are afraid of that. They want things to come easily. Little they know that education will help with their financial problems in the future. President Obama is “investing in strategies to make work pay, expanding access to affordable housing, and helping low-income Americans build the job skills to succeed in the workforce”. Sometimes these efforts are unsuccessful people don’t want to get help from the government they want to get out of their problem on their own. They would rather be poor, but it is not always the case. Other will take advantage of it without actually needing the help.
In order to end poverty, the problem needs to be attacked from a strategic point. It all depends on how people became poor. People need get educated about poverty, what causes poverty so they know how to avoid those situations. Also if they know the economy is not in good shape. Try to avoid engaging in risky economic situations. For example, don’t get any loans, or avoid using credit
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