Cause Of Poverty In Kenya

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The world is not perfect. Not everyone has enough food to prevent starvation, enough water to prevent dehydration, enough help from the government to take care of the country 's people, and not enough money to afford anything that is categorized as a necessity, or to shorten it, poverty. Poverty is defined as the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor ( A large percentage of Kenya 's population are living impoverished lives due to causes of the corruption within the government, terrible economy, diseases that affect a large amount of Kenya 's population, overpopulation, and natural disasters. The function, or purpose, of a government is to have a foreign diplomacy,…show more content…
Even though the country is not all that wealthy the government still has ways to steal from the country for personal gain. There have been made anti-corruption policies by the government and since then, more foreign countries feel more comfortable to contribute aid towards Kenya 's economy. However, the people of Kenya don 't feel like their lives are worth all that much. The Kenyans have a common phrase “hakunta matata” or take it easy, is the best way to live your life in the current circumstances most Kenyans live in. Most Kenyans who believe this phrase believe that they themselves do not have hope to be anything greater than what they currently are, as a result, never pursue being a better-self (“Causes Of Poverty In Kenya”). Since the education in Kenya are very hard to get into financially, most of the children in Kenya don 't go to school and live the same lifestyles their family members had to grow up in, and because of this situation with little education to youth, it is also hard to find decent paying jobs. Most of the people look towards the option of washing down their sorrows in order to delete the fact that the life of poverty is probably going to be all there is to life until death. Another common option is to sniff glue in order to get high. Depression is what causes behavior such as alcoholism, depression, and suicidal thoughts (“Side Effects of Untreated Depression"). It is because of depression than no one tends to move forward in their lives. Because it is very well known that the chances of someone in poverty to ever get out of poverty are very low, there is a low percentage who actually do anything about it, resulting in a constant decline of the population being

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