Cause Of Poverty: The Cause And Causes Of Poverty

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Causes of poverty
Poverty is a severe shortage of food resources as a result of a malfunction in one of the conditions or factors that produce food, leading to the spread of famine and the consequent deaths and the spread of epidemics and diseases. these famines moving from one place to another every few years as a result of changing climatic conditions puts many developing countries in grave danger, especially that most of the population suffer from poor nutrition due to lack of food resources(wekpidea,2011). The availability of food and goods is a natural right of any living being, whether human or animal, or even a plant! It is one of the gifts given us by God and no person has the right to take it off or controls it. But as usual imposed in our world is far from being a human reality,
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In the case of flooding and overflowing rivers, where the water causing drifting in the destruction of many villages and towns, and the elimination of agricultural land and the destruction of crops. Therefore, this cause a severe shortage of food resources availability. For example, the famine in the continent of Europe during the fourteenth century, where it continued to rain for more than a year! In 1929(wekipedia,2009). Also a famine occurred in China claimed the lives of nearly two million people after the flood Hwang River. The spread of agricultural pests spread of diseases among crops could destroy the crop altogether and thus lead to a severe famine. An example of what happened in Ireland after the potato crop damage in full in the middle of the nineteenth century led to the low population. Very significantly as a result of death or emigration to escape. Poverty or famine, may also be cause from some insects that destroy private agricultural crops locusts. As happened in the African Sahel region has shown the end of the twentieth

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