Cause Of Prostitution

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Research Problem: Research indicates that significant numbers of young adults today are becoming prostitutes. Ignoring this problem may lead to; the spreading of sexually transmitted disease will increase, an increase in the level of depression in today’s society, and moreover an increase in crime rate. It can be said that most prostitutes are from the inner-city communities consequently to the fact that they experience poor standards of living, crime & violence, as well as high unemployment rate, in their environment. This quantitative research will be used to determine the causes and impact of prostitution in the Jamaican Communities among young adults.
Research Purpose:
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It is not entered into with the intent of procreation. As such, one could also consider prostitution "the act of rendering… non- reproductive sex against payment" (Edlund & Korn, 2002, p. 183). The terms "prostitution" and "prostitute" are controversial. Some groups, regarding these terms as stigmatizing and pejorative, prefer the terms "sex work" and "sex worker" (Masenior & Beyrer, 2007). The everyday life of prostitution is distant from most of us. And here, our imagination is a poor assistant. Negotiate a price with a stranger, and then the stranger agrees. Pull down one pant leg. Come and take me, finished, next please. It becomes too ugly to really take it in. The imagination screeches to a halt.” ( Hoigard & Finstad, 1992). It is one of social phenomena that spread abroad in the society because that profession has known since a long time ago. This is proven by many writings about it from time to…show more content…
This article examines these problems as well as some promising recent developments. Prostitution viewed as something negative by society in Indonesia because prostitutes were selling or renting their bodies to other men for earning money. Even though it was a profession, but it is far from a positive impression so that people say that there was negative aspect inside (Weitzer 28). There are several rationales which drive young adult in choosing the profession of prostitution, one of them is economic reason; young adult coming from lower-class background who have no income for their survival, other reason is for their pleasure; they do that because they enjoy having sexual intercourse and also earn a lot of money and seeking to get more satisfaction sexually (Russel 3). It’s similar to a person who is addicted to drugs; and we all know how that works, notwithstanding all the possible
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