Cause Of Racial Discrimination Problem In The United States

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Racial Discrimination Detorio Brown Argosy University 3/22/17 What is/are the problem/s to be solved in the most fundamental terms? What is the history of the problem/s in the United States? Racism is the issue I wanted to talk about because so many people seem to think that when the word racism come up its white against black. To me racism is one culture against another culture. To break that barrier of racism one must understand the culture of another. According to Reid (2015) only through the equality of law can racism be solved. Many people didn’t know that Richard Henry Pratt was the first of many to stand to racism. Richard stated. “segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the…show more content…
There was a lot of inequality in schools, courts, and other public places. Some communities like the African Americans were under constant attack by the white majority security apparatus. The unfair treatment of one race was causing tension among the white and African America communities who make up much of the American population. The lawmakers thought the problem would be eliminated by having a national law that promotes fairness, justice, and equality. The law was to promote equal rights for all persons without any being discriminated. All barriers that made some see themselves with superior or inferior. Opportunities and resources will be shared in a fair manner to promote trust and coexistence among American races for the benefit of the…show more content…
Disadvantaged groups are given preference when it comes to jobs, housing, credit facilities and education. The white majority security apparatus can be tamed by incorporating members of the discriminated groups. The representation in security apparatus should be reflective of the ratios of the communities. Jobs, housing, and education will give preference to the Africans, Mexicans and the Caribbean they have been discriminated. That will promote equality through the diversified workforce, tenants, and students. However, affirmative action should not apply to the court system when it comes to sentencing offenders. The law should take the course, and no favoritism regarding lesser jail term should be given to offenders as a way of promoting crime
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