Cause Of Rapid Urbanization

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Significant increase of urban population in a short span of time contributesto highspeed of urban expansionwhich causesvarious problems for local government, especially in fulfilling the provision of services and infrastructures, creating job opportunities and providing houses for urban dwellers(Elhadary and Samat, 2012).Excessive urban growth leads to escalating economic and social costs, e.g., rentals, transport, housing, land and space, drugs, crime, social problems and so on (Siwar and Kasim, 1997). Rapid urbanization causes increasing urban diseconomies, e.g., environmental deterioration, pollution, congestion, diseases, squatters, improper dumping of garbage and mismanagement in sanitation services (Mok et al., 2007). Rapid urbanization made a great impact on the socioeconomic and it result in a series of problem. First, rapid urbanization will causes the poor lose the opportunity to get an education. Poor children rarely have the opportunityto graduate from secondaryschool or to go to university or college like the wealthier children. They typically drop out of school with inadequate facilities due to inadequate schooling. Since most of the jobs that are offered in urban areas require high level of education, the poor who has low educational attainment will be more difficult to access jobs and this situation will increase the risk of unemployment of the poor. Lack of education in turn restricts them and their next generation to poverty, once again helping toassure a

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