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The common driven cause of Slavery is the absence of legal protection in both eras; sixteenth to nineteenth centuries in America and in modern times Slavery still exists in worldwide despite it was legally banned in many countries across the globe and are prohibited by international regulated instruments; UN Slavery Convention in 1926, International Labour Organisation 's Forced Labour Convention of 1930, Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, etc. The slavery-alike practices still continue to take place in one form or another around the world; people at all ages, races, genders are sold or forced into modern slave industries. It is prevalent among migrant workers who are often exploited because they are not citizens of the state…show more content…
Their legal documents are confiscated by their employers in many cases. It often results the restriction on movement and fear to leave the employment. It leads to the situation which the workers are not able to or afraid to ask for help to access legal services if they are abused or exploited by their employers. For instance, some Burmese migrant workers in Mahachai, Samut Sakorn Province, Thailand are working in fishing industries without legal documents. Having no legal documents make it difficult for them to find other jobs and their salary are cut off by their employers promising to make legal papers for them. They are fear of local authority to arrest them since they have no legal papers so to report exploitation of their employers are far from reality. If the migrant worker is registered under a certain employer in order to work legally, he or she is not allowed to change his job unless the employer allows them to shift jobs. And the law enforce it to be so. Therefore, the employees are likely to be taken advantages and mistreated by the employers. Moreover, they are denied legal protection since they do not hold legal documents and the police officers often refer them as illegal migrant workers. As a result, slavery-alike working conditions still continue to happen in modern

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