Cause Of Socs And Greaser's Death

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On the crisp morning of October 9, 1955, Bob Sheldon was found dead. Cristina Hunt was walking her Golden Retriever, when she discovered Bob, lifeless in Centennial Park. It was detected that Bob had a stab wound. Bob was most likely assassinated by the Socs rival -- a Greaser. Greasers and Socs have a strong hatred for one another. Socs are known to be more wealthy, while Greasers are known as the opposite. Socs live on the west, and the Greasers live on the east. Investigators believe a Greaser killed Bob because he was found way upper east. It is also believed he was killed late Friday night, or early Saturday morning. Bob was stabbed in the abdomen; it is unclear how many times. Many are affected by this recent loss. Socs and Greasers
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