Cause Of Stress For Teenagers

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With tons of packs on Headspace, you’ll have access to hundreds of meditations on everything from stress to anxiety to sleep and focus. Headspace is a guided-meditation app that helps you build healthier relationships with people you love and help you find calm during meltdown moments. I don’t know which is crazier: that we would require an app to tell us to take a second to breathe and take situations into perspective. Or that an app like this would actually work since we periodically check our phones and always have our phones on or near us. Offline has become the new luxury that not many people indulge in. The society we live in today consists of everyone always on the go. This pressure-and-stress-driven society makes it harder for teenagers to cope. According to, there are 5 main causes of stress for teenagers. These include school pressure, social pressure, family problems, sense of loss and self-doubt. Everyone here can relate to at least one of these. Social pressures, in my opinion, have become even more escalated than they were in past generations. My mom and dad often tell me stories about way back when they first started dating and how they could have spent all night talking to each other but since there was usually only one phone per house their parents would end up cutting the ‘you hang up’, ’no you hang up’ part of the conversation short by hanging up for them. This was a simpler time as you had no means texting and thus had to wait until the

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