Cause Of Stress In Sports

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Causes of stress
There are many different individual causes of stress. A number of athletes may be in the same situation but have different stress responses. Some of the main cause of stress are:
• Illness-like infections
• Psychological factors (something could be worrying you)
• not having enough sleep
• Having a type A personality(need everything done perfect or overly self critical)
• Environment you find yourself in (could be to noisy)

• Negative social interaction
• Major life events
• Day-to-day hassles e.g. travel
Personal causes of stress are caused by people who are significant in our lives. These people could be friends, family and partners. An example of this could be you and your partner are currently
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In a sporting situation, this could be having an argument with team mates or your coach, being dropped from the team, or even struggling with a technique can cause you to suffer from stress.
Sports environments.

There are two key aspects of sports performance which cause stress:
The importance of the event you are taking part in - The more important the event the more stressful it is. This could mean beating your biggest rival in a tennis tournament to winning a big tournament such as Wimbledon. The importance of the event is specific to you.
The amount of uncertainty that surrounds it - This could be your playing a big football match against a popular team. You and your team are stressed because your unsure you can win, and there is the pressure of the fans who are supporting the better club so you want to prove them wrong symptoms of stress
Nervous System
Sympathetic nervous system
This nervous system is responsible for the fight or flight response. It gives you the energy to confront the threat or run away from it. In order to do this, the sympathetic nervous system produces these
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When you get complete muscle tension, it prevents the athlete from moving. This is known as freezing
Effects of anxiety in sports performance
Anxiety can affect sport performance and is seen as a negative mental state and also the negative aspect of stress. Anxiety causes concentration problems and in sports that require high concentration this can be a huge problem. In sports such as golf and tennis concentration is a high factor of the sport and if concentration is reduced in golf you may miss an important hole or in tennis you may start to miss important shots and become less consistent. As performance levels decrease this can lead to a decrease in self-confidence which can affect the athlete in future sporting events.

Some symptoms of anxiety can be beneficial to sport such as: increase in heart rate, and higher breathing rate. But if the athlete believes this is happening because of an inability to meet demand it may turn into a negative symptom.

Negative mental state
If your negative mental state becomes too great your performance will suffer.
In a badminton tournament if you are constantly worrying about the event, it can make you think your not good enough to succeed. this is a decrease in self-confidence. When you do play in the event your performance will have decreased because you don 't believe in
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