Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of The American Revolution

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Causes of the American Revolution Essay The American Revolution began in 1775 as an open conflict between the united thirteen colonies in North America and Great Britain. Thankfully the Treaty of Paris that ended the war in 1783, the colonies had won their independence. The colonists were happy in their victory. Many factors played a role in the colonists desires to fight for their freedom. Issues such as taxation, propaganda,restrictions,government control and much more. Not only did these issues lead to war between the colonists and the Great Britain but they also shaped the foundation of the United States of America. The war included many deaths,damage and arguments from both sides. There was many causes and events which followed throught…show more content…
Tea Act, a bill designed to save the faltering East India Company from bankruptcy by greatly lowering the tea tax it paid to the British government After the Stamp act was passed the colonists did not sit there with thier arms crossed. The colonists decided that they needed to fight back. On December 16, 1773, a group of most likely 70 men boarded on three British ships in the Boston harbor, disguised as Mohawk Indians . The men decided to take British tea cargo and throw into the sea. The tea cargo was schockingly worth 18,000 pounds. The destruction of the tea cargo was a huge schock to the British. This event was done to protest against the Tea Act which was passed by the British Parliament earlier that year. The stamp act gave the British East India Company monopoly on tea sale in the colonies and the colonists were not happy. Parliament responded with a series of harsh measures intended to stifle colonial resistance to British rules. Later on The Coercive Acts closed Boston to merchant shipping. This event established aBritish military rule in Massachusetts. The act allowed the British officials to be immune to criminal prosecution in America. Not to forget the requirement of the colonists to quarter British troops.The incident, known as the Boston Tea Party triggered a chain of events that directly led to the Americans fighting for their
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