Cause Of The Cold War Essay

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History is all about inspiring speeches, gruesome wars, and unexpected events that decide the course of the future. The Cold War is not an example of a war, but a highly important event, considering there was no actual fighting. The Cold War started because the Soviet 's wanted to spread communism, but America was getting in their way to stop it. Three major factors also contributed to the conflict of war, the most obvious one being the U.S. wanted to stop communism, another being both the Soviet Union and the United States were afraid of each other, and finally competition, because everyone needs some good competition. These factors are both reasons why the war started, and "weapons" that were used. Communism is when everything in a country is shared, to make everything "equal." This is what the Soviet 's believed in, making everything "equal," no matter how unfair it seems to others. The United States believed in capitalism, when if one person makes money, they do not have to share it, it belongs to them. Which one seems more fair? The U.S. wanted to stop communism, and thus began the Cold war. The U.S. had two ways to attempt to stop communism, The Truman Doctrine and The Marshall plan. The Truman Doctrine helped countries who were exposed to the…show more content…
The Cold war began because two sides had different views on communism. The Soviet Union wanted it to spread to other countries, while America wanted it to stop and have it disappear. Three main reasons why the war started was one, two sides of communism were being fought over, two, fear of one another, whether it is from being hurt or beaten, and finally, competition. Without any of these happening or being a part of the war, the Cold War would not have been the same. Without the Cold War, mistakes would not have been learned until much later, for the Cold War is a highly important event that happened. However, one questions remains. If America did nothing to stop the Soviet Union, would the world be
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