Cause Of The Digital Divide

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DIGITAL DIVIDE: “A term that describes the division of the world into two camps, those who have access to the Internet and other advanced information technologies and those who don't. The term highlights the issue that those who do not have access to such technology are potentially destined to futures where they will be at an economic disadvantage.”
WHAT CAUSES THE DIGITAL DIVIDE? (Include differences in technology and areas of society)
When thinking of the digital divide, it is important to understand that a lot of factors come into play that affects the gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not. One of the main factors affecting the digital divide and access to technological
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In most developed countries, broadband services are spreading and expanding continuously, However, unfortunately, something different can be said about people who live in rural areas.
People who live in the city have greater access to high speed broadband. Why? Well, there are two main reasons for that:
1. ‘’The physical structures that are needed for a service or operation’’ is usually already in place and usually would just need to be expanded or improved in order for the business to provide their customers with high-speed broadband services. Due to this reason, costs are lower and not as much money has to be used to set up the infrastructure.
2. Cities generally have a larger population, which automatically means more customers. That is why, even if building an infrastructure, the costs would be quickly recovered.

As mentioned, because people living in city areas have greater access to high speed broadband, people living in rural areas, in contrast, have less access to the high speed broadband. The main reason for this is due to the fact that the infrastructure is not available in such a place. Therefore, building an infrastructure would be very
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Parts of the world that have (in general) more access to modern technology are USA, Northern Asia and Europe. These areas consist of more developed countries. In contrast, there are areas which are more constricted such as some parts of Africa, South Asia and India. All of these areas have one main thing in common, and it is that these areas consist of countries that are less industrially developed. When thinking about it, you will realise the government spends their ‘’financial resources to provide more important services and do not have the funds available to concentrate on the development of their technology service’’ .
Building up the infrastructure would take a lot of money, time and space. Obviously some countries do not meet those requirements. This can put them on both an economic and a competitive disadvantage.
In my opinion, there are quite a few things that we, as a society, can do to help reduce the digital divide.
We can educate the people about the benefits of using digital media; this will encourage more people to learn how to use the internet and necessary

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