Cause Of The Dust Bowl

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How 100,000,000 Acres Was Made Unlivable It was a clear sunny day on the far. I watched as my kids played soccer in the field. I felt a gentle breeze, I was horrified. I turn around to see a huge wall of dust in the horizon. I yell, “GET IN THE HOUSE!” My kids began to run toward the house as I run to get my cattle inside. I lock my barn as the storm is almost here. I look behind me to see two cattle still grazing. I knew there was no hope to save them. I barely make it inside my house when the storm is right above us. After 4 days of the howling winds and only the light from candles, we finally see the light of day again. I open the second floor window and step outside. The dust is piled up to the second floor. I look around and there is…show more content…
In the year during the Dust Bowl there was a huge lack of rain. Document E states that in order to run a farm effectively the farmer needs at minimum “20 inches of rain.” Although the numbers shows us that these farms were getting on average about 15 inches. They did get one great year of rain, receiving 33 inches of rain. Although that did little good when then next 11 years receiving very little. They got as low as about 10 inches. This combined with the strong winds it would have been a bad era to be a farmer anyway. It would have been bad but because of the increase farmers the problem was made exponentially…show more content…
It is weird to think that the tractor is terrible. It is an iconic symbol of all farms around the world, but the tractor is the reason that the Dust Bowl covered such a large amount of land. It is true that the tractor is a huge help on farms. The tractor gets its job done so much faster, but that is where the problem lies, in efficiency. The farmers saw how quick the tractor was so they decided to keep expanding and make their farms bigger and bigger. Also because the tractor was so good they could now plow land that before was so difficult to plow. Now there is a huge amount of land, being over worked. Then when The Great War ends there is a huge amount of land left alone. They did not put the grass back to hold the earth together. Then the winds came and created these huge dust storms caused by these huge amounts of grassless land.
In the end we only have the farmers to blame for the Dust Bowl. They got too greedy and destroyed too much land. If they only left the land alone there would not have been a huge disasters. Because of the huge amount of land being worked on now, because of all that land having its grass removed, because of the weather, a lot of people suffered and this only made this entire period of time just harder. If the farmers were just more careful and put back the grass maybe this could have been avoided. BUT NO! Because of reckless and ignorant people there was a huge disaster coving 100,000,000

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