Salem Witch Trial

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The Salem Witch Trials were a series of witchcraft cases back in 1692. Innocent “witches” and familiars were assassinated without a firm cause. People do not think this could happen again because now, they have proven how it started. This trials were made out of fear, the fear of becoming possessed. If the trials would not have happened, they would probably be happening now because of modern day beliefs and cultures. People were scared of being accused due to the fact that they knew they would perish. Even families would turn against their own innocent relatives just for the money. This trials ended trust in society and had a big impact on people. The trials began with the American population’s beliefs in supernatural beings. The population was highly influenced by West Indian slaves’ superstitions and tales. While this was happening, the slave Tituba, was in Samuel Parris’ house, who was the Salem minister of the time. She started telling them about witches and devil-related stories and tales. Specially telling them to Betty Parris and Abigail Williams, Samuel’s daughter and niece. These girls were starting to believe this stories little by little until one day, they came to the conclusion that two other women and themselves, were possessed. The girls were starting to have muscle…show more content…
Up to one hundred and fifty people, spent months in jail without a trial. In just fifteen months, everything that had witches or devils just went out of control. The villagers also believed witches had helpers, called familiars. This superstition led to two dogs executions. To decide the fate of the accused, the court of Oyer and Terminer was created, it means hear and end. They heard the words of the accused and ended the case deciding the person’s fate. It could be assassination or imprisonment. The judges of this court were Jonathan Corwin, Samuel Sewall, John Hathorne, and John
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