Essay On The Treaty Of Versailles

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Have you ever wondered how the Treaty of Versailles, a treaty of peace to end the World War I, managed to have influenced a second World War? The treaty of Versailles was a treaty signed in France, in June 1919, with the aim of ending a war that had devastated many people and had not been seen before historically. The purpose of this treaty was to establish world peace and avoid conflicts that lead to a similar catastrophe. However, this is an important cause of the World War II, due to in this treaty was declared that Germany was forced to take the blame for causing the war, to make reparations to destructions caused by the war, to diminish its armada, and finally, in this treaty it was declared that Germany had to lose territory. The first cause was that Germany was forced to take the blame for having carried out this war. Germany, like Austria-Hungary, found itself loser at the end of this war, but in comparison to Austria-Hungary, Germany was forced to comply with article 231 in the Treaty of Versailles. This article explains that Germany affirms and accepts the responsibility of having caused this world war and of causing damage with the help of its allied countries. Germany,…show more content…
This treaty was made with the purpose of negotiating the consequences that would see the losing control, that is to say, the central powers, that constituted in Germany and Austria-Hungary. However, Germany was the one that received the consequences, which were having to take the blame for having caused this war, having to make repairs in the areas damaged by the war, decreasing their armada and finally, had to lose some of them. your territories. Because of this, the treaty of Versailles is considered the most important factor of why the Second World War took place, because Germany refused to comply with this part of the treaty, as they considered it
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