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Have you ever wondered how the Treaty of Versailles, a treaty of peace to end the World War I, managed to have influenced a second World War? The treaty of Versailles was a treaty signed in France, in June 1919, with the aim of ending a war that had devastated many people and had not been seen before historically. The purpose of this treaty was to establish world peace and avoid conflicts that lead to a similar catastrophe. However, this is an important cause of the World War II, due to in this treaty was declared that Germany was forced to take the blame for causing the war, to make reparations to destructions caused by the war, to diminish its armada, and finally, in this treaty it was declared that Germany had to lose territory.…show more content…
According to article 160, Germany had to arm a new army of no more than seven infantry divisions and three divisions of cavalry, and also that its troops should not exceed one hundred thousand men, where the army will be responsible only for maintaining order within the territory and at the borders. Also, the total effective force of the officers could not exceed four thousand men. This had to be accomplished by March 31, 1920, otherwise they would face the consequences. Because this was imposed in the Treaty of Versailles, it became one more reason for how the Treaty of Versailles carried out the Second World War, since Germany, like many other parts of the treaty, simply did not want to comply, due to they already had many things to fulfill as a loser country, and also because they seem it as another injustice. The reduction of armada for Germany declared by the Treaty of Versailles, became an important reason why Germany began a second world war by the Treaty of Versailles. (Doc.…show more content…
These territories that Germany had to give were Lorraine and Alsace, which were French territories that were taken by Germany, and now taken again by France. Also, Germany lost hundreds of square miles of territory in the west and east of Germany, and as a final part of the deal, Germany overcame its overseas colonies. This became a factor of the Second World War because, Hitler, as a great influence for the Germans at that time, declared that they were not going to follow the Treaty of Versailles and that they were also going to fight back. This influenced to the Second World War because many people began to follow Hitler and his ideals, that means, they began to agree with what he said and thought, and this was not the exception. This is the fourth and last reason why the Treaty of Versailles managed to influence in the Second World War, because Germany did not want to follow what the Treaty of Versailles declared, resulting with a refusing and vengefulness attitude. (Doc.

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