Cause Of War: The Causes Of International War?

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The Causes of International War It is a well-known fact that humans are social creatures. They need to interact with each other to survive and thrive. This interaction varies in its form, like financial interactions, marriage, or, on a larger scale, diplomatic interactions between countries. Generally, these interactions are positive and lead to social development. However, it is not always positive and constructive. Sometimes, humans can develop a sense of hostility towards each other for whatever reasons. This aggressiveness can develop alarmingly, increasing the hatred between people. At extreme situations people will resort to warfare to resolve their issues. This can be expanded to countries interactions between each other, in the form of war. The tragic event of war can be caused by different causal reasons, which are economic reasons, nationalism and racism, and ideological disagreement. The first and foremost cause of war is arguably the economic demands of a country. Economic needs can be for resources, land or even man-power. Human development has expanded tremendously in the last few decades (Parker, 2015), urging for the need of different resources to sustain this development. First world countries are now racing against each other in order to achieve dominance over the others. This can only be achieved if enough materials and man-power are available. Moreover, it is well-know that resources available in earth is limited, therefore competition for these

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