Cause Of Workplace Stress

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In a workplace there are several kinds of employees who are working with each other in different circumstances. Thus, it can lead to stress for the employees, which is illustrated as any stimulus that upsets or impedes the typical physiologic equilibrium of an individual. In simpler language, stress is the consequence of something emotional, physical, communal, and financial or other factors that necessitate a reaction or alter. Basically, the stress can be identified as the physical as well as emotional strains and the reason behind this is to pressure from the outside environment or the world. It is mostly believed that some kind of stress are beneficial, however; when stress takes place in amounts that cannot be handled, it can lead to…show more content…
According to Johnston and Feeney (2015), Stress is not that bad as a little bit of stress helps an individual to remain focused, energetic that helps them to meet new challenges in the place of work. However, the present hectic world has made workplace stress an emotional roller coaster. The major causes for workplace stress are tight deadlines, increased working hours as well as ever-augmenting demands that make the individual feel worried and drained. When stress beats the capacity to manage, it discontinues being co-operative and starts causing harming the mind and…show more content…
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