Zoos In The Modern World

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Forty-one Percent of amphibians and twenty-six percent of mammals are slowly being threatened with the thoughts of extinction. Although they are being threatened many zoos around the world are attempting to help the problem. Which is one of the many things zoos are doing to help the cause. I think that the zoos are doing more positive things than negative, because some are really getting behind this thought of them being bad and are doing everything they can to rid that burden off of their name.
Zoos Are trying to help slow extinction and make it stop completely. They are trying to help the cause because a lot of their animals are reaching extinction which isn’t good for the animals or the zoos that are affected. “That Knowledge has Become Valuable to scientists working with wildlife populations.” When they said that they were talking about the percentage of
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Which is really good because they aren't just using the animals as a prized possession, they don't just want money they want to watch the animals grow and be a flourishing species. That's what people don't understand these days "I think the central ethical justification for zoos and aquariums in the modern world is their commitment to conservation," is what Dr. Hutchins said
The Zoos also support conservation by educating the public, raising money for conservation programs, developing technology that can be used to track wild populations, conducting scientific research, advancing veterinary medicine, and developing animal handling techniques. Hutchins Also said this "We need to know about the biology of animals to conserve." Which is true honestly because we need to know what the animals need and what to look for when the animals are sick and need the care that us as humans can provide to

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