Pollution Essay: The Impact Of Climat Climate Change

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As technology rapidly advances, we continue to use gases and other resources to keep this movement in motion. While technology is advancing and many people get to enjoy the perks of having a working car and large factories to make affordable purchases, this is coming at a price much steeper than most people would realize. While we continue putting these gases into the air, it continues to wreak havoc on our environment, causing our ozone to deplete, glaciers shrink, change in plant and animal ranges during migration, with longer and more intense heat waves. As climate change continues to worsen, temperatures will continue to rise, droughts will become more common and worsen, hurricanes will become more destructive, and our arctic glaciers will continue to melt.…show more content…
While to some it may not seem worrisome, average temperatures have risen a whole degree Celsius, which while seeming miniscule is a cause for concern. Even with the truth in the fact that the earth has naturally increased and decrease in temperature over time, this increase is unprecedented and is having a large impact on our ozone, weakening the earth's atmosphere. While measures can be taken to slow down the worsening impact of climate change, many have started to fear it has come to a place where our impact will be irreversible, where even if we start making changes now and follow through with ideas proposed to help with the problem, drier areas, including many African countries, will not be able to survive this atmospheric change as their land dries up and becomes unusable and precipitation continues to decrease in those areas. Besides the knowledge of a warming earth due to simply the realization of hotter summers and warmer winters, this increased climate has an impact on plants and animals as their ranges shift to adapt to the changing

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