Causes And Consequences Of Bullying

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Bullying has been recognized as a serious problem in today’s schools (Rose &Monda-Amaya, 2012). It is imperative that educators understand the dynamics and Consequences of bullying, as well as what they can do to support students in these Situations (Allen, 2010). Tapper and Boulton (2004) indicate that boys are more frequently involved in bullying situations. Because they are prone in trouble, or they trouble maker towards especially when they are underestimated by someone’s who is stronger than them. Most of the time the reason why they choose to bully someone’s because they were once a victim of bullying. So to prove that they are no longer a weak they choose to be a bully to prove that they are strong enough physically. Solberg and Olweus…show more content…
Though anyone can become the target of a bully, there are some commonalties between those who fall victim to bullying as bullies tend to choose a certain type of person to abuse. “There are many reasons how and why bullies target others, and the reasons are consistent between cases.”(Bully Online, 2006). People who are victims of bullying find themselves being bullied due to their achievements, do not have a large circle of friends, subjected to unwarranted teasing and rumors, and tend to be more serious about important things in life such as school or work. Most people who are targets of bullies have something different about them. Maybe they wear thick glasses, dress differently, or are painfully shy. Many are awkward in social situations and try not to draw attention to themselves. Targets of bullies often have little or no friends who can stick up for them (which is one reason that they bully feels that they can abuse them.)and already have low self-esteem. Bullies also target those who appear to be vulnerable and the main theory is that they do this so that there is little chance the person will stand up for themselves, making them easy to abuse. “When bullied, they become visibly frightened, cry, or do not have an appropriate response. That is just what the child who bullies wants; it becomes an invitation to even more bullying.” (NBPC,…show more content…
“Bullies can suffer long-term effects of bullying if their behavior is not addressed. Compelling research confirms that bullies are twice as likely as their peers to have criminal convictions and four times more likely to be multiple offenders.” (Abel, 2010). Sometimes a bully can actually hate the way they treat their victims but somehow feel justified in doing so since they are abused by others as well. This feeling tends to override the feeling of empathy which makes for a psychological mess for the bully. Feeling conflicted about their behavior is also a source of stress that makes them want to bully more. If a bully is not stopped and treated then the chance of them stopping and becoming a different and healthier person is very slim and their behavior will continue into adulthood, affecting the type of life they

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