Causes And Consequences Of The Great Migration

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The United States is the world’s champion with a number of immigrants. Among them, the black population needs a special attention. The article makes an accent on African immigrants because their participation in this process is exceptional in terms of their race and the types of stigma and prejudice they collide as a result. Making qualitative conclusion, author states that relocation has always been a characteristic sign of the African American (Mathieu, S.-J., 2009). Slave trade period was well-known for forced taking away of African people from Africa in the South of America and Caribbean; humans were pushed into terrible terms of condition and existence. In this essay I would distinguish motivations to migrate of black Americans, means and consequences of the Great Migration, black migrants in the press and how did they were described and the cultural diversity after relocation, that are stated in the article.
As a result of finish of the slavery in 1865, black Americans did what they have never done before: just stopped the protests and put down hoes, beginning moving from their places of work, where they spent almost the whole lives (Mathieu, S.-J., 2009). The article states that they were using migration as one of the first and most thrilling steps to the right of self-government and movement as a politicized reaction to their area 's social and economic level of life. At the same time, African Americans migrants used movement as a symbol of their liberty, as an

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