Causes And Disadvantages Of Crime

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Introduction Crimes are described by criminal law, which is defined as a framework of legislations that deals with illegal activities and the penalties against the law breakers. Crime is related with torment and brutality; violence towards human beings and animals, demolition of fortune, and the negation of recognition to the rights of individuals and foundations. Crime is undoubtedly one of the most predominating and agonizing feature in any society, and its evasion should be taken in a solemn manner. One of the noteworthy reason includes unemployment and poor financial status. Most of the offenders come from poverty-stricken families because they do not have a solid occupation and are in urgent need of money to pay for the basic necessities of life including food, clothing, shelter, education, and are desperate to improve the standard of their living. Ultimately, although something is illegal and condemnable, they commit it to earn money. The second reason is migration from rural areas to urban areas. Villagers assume that they can have a better life in metropolitans without realizing that they are deficient in knowledge and expertise cannot adjust with the new modern environment. As a result, they are seduced to do delinquent acts. Types of Crimes Crime is a humourless and growing complication having gloomy consequences on individuals and ultimately on the society. Crimes are the set of rules and regulations formulated by the government and higher officials. Government

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