Causes And Disadvantages Of Floods In Indonesia

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Almost all of disaster types are happening in Indonesia. From EM-DAT data 2006, which was cited by Anwar and Harjono (2013), it was shown that the most frequently happen of disaster is flood, which is 41%. In addition, from that data, it was also stated that 67% of the disasters in Indonesia is encountered in Java. Then, one of the cities that encounter flood every year is Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia that is the center of almost everything. For instance, Jakarta is the center for businesses, governments, education and politics. Therefore, when flood strikes every year in this big and influential city, it brings a lot of losses and disadvantages. The losses can be in terms of infrastructures, environment, economics, politics, education, social, time, as well as health of the people (Yulianto et al, 2009). Flood as one of disaster types that happens in Jakarta can also be considered as a threat to national security. As has been mentioned earlier, flood brings disadvantages because of the city become paralyzed. Although the flooding occurs for only short period of time, the effect is huge enough to make disruptions. Flood can be a hardship for some people or opportunity for others. It can be an opportunity for the people, organizations, or even countries, which want to take advantages from the situation. Also, it is kind of an open door for them to intervene into national security of Indonesia. Intensity of flood phenomenon in Jakarta has been

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