Causes And Disadvantages Of Refugees

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A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their home country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. There are many different types of refugees. These include refugees who are escaping war, social discrimination, racial discrimination, religious persecution, those who are seeking aid after a natural disaster or political unrest, and those who fear for their lives and the lives of their family. These people are given refugee status and are placed in designated refugee camps across the country where they are supposed to be cared for and educated, but this is not happening. Many of the countries only provide shelter for the refugees but do not provide for the rest of their basic needs.
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However in the refugee camps there are no facilities or educators who are able or willing to provide them. It is also a basic human right to have access to running water which is not provided in these camps. In some camps, the closest water source is up to 5 km away, and there is no transport. Woman and children are forced to walk by themselves to collect water for their family, and often the water isn 't even clean. There is no sewage or waste removal system in place in these camps, which results in the refugees catching waterborne diseases. The country in which the refugee camp is based is supposed to provide support and aid to the refugees, including food rations, clean water, healthcare, education, sewage and waste removal, safety, and shelter. Unfortunately these countries do not provide these services, but still give people refugee status, regardless of the state of the refugee camps in the country. There is also the issue of overcrowding in these camps as there is not enough space for all the refugees to…show more content…
These include organisations like the UN and Human Rights First, who get involved to ensure that legislations are put in place and followed. There is an asylum programme in place which recruits and trains lawyers to represent refugees for free. This programme helps refugees who have been wronged to face their oppressors and hopefully get justice for the wrongs which have been committed against them. There are other programmes such as those provided by the UN to aid and support refugees in underprivileged countries. This programme affords refugees the opportunity to rebuild their lives in dignity and peace. The programme also helps refugees to integrate into the local community as well as help teach them the local customs, culture and language. The UN also sends in peace keepers to provide support and security to the refugees in camps where there is political unrest and war. Additionally they send medical supplies and education resources to these areas in order to help with the education of the children by people who volunteer to help

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