Serial Killers: The Triad

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The primary caretakers of the young killers, whether they are the parents, grandparents, or legal guardians, are essentially "bad" at their jobs. They leave the children unprotected from the world. The caretakers either change jobs or locations often, leaving the children with a sense of insecurity and having no real home. They are expected to act as adults when they are as young as five years old. The discipline and punishment they receive is hostile, abusive, and very inconsistent, which creates a distorted set of morals within the children (Genesis) .The young murderers are sexually abused either by a family member or family friend in nearly every case known. It has been discovered that this is actually one of the most important factors…show more content…
Hardcore pornography, bloody scenes of violence and gore, and bestiality all sexually excite the young killers. At least one of the three symptoms of the Triad is shown in serial killers as adolescents. The Triad, being a common way to evaluate the likelihood of a youth becoming a serial killer, consists of fire starting, cruelty to animals, and bedwetting past the age of twelve
("Serial Killer") . Edmund Kemper is an excellent illustration of the Triad. As a child, he displayed all three signs of the Triad.
As a youth, he killed the family cat and put its head on pointed stick, he wet himself into his early teens, and he started fires in random places that he usually tried to later lie about ("Index")
serial killers take the life of others, there is usually an event called a "pre-crime stresser" ("Evaluating a Psychological
Profile") . Basically, this is an event that causes a large amount of stress for a killer. This can be the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, a heated argument, or anything else that may cause the killer to become very aggressive and uneasy.The first kill in a murderer 's life is most important. The killer
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He wants to see what it feels like to drain the essence out of another human. He finds that it releases his stress and makes him feel good about himself
("Evaluating a Psychological Profile") . During a "cool off" period afterwards, that can last for hours, days, or months, he becomes depressed and a new tension grows inside of him until he lashes out and kills again ("Serial Killer").The killers are classified as either organized or disorganized categories of serial killer. The organized types are normally highly intelligent and plan their work methodically. They kill in one place and dispose the bodies in another. They have high degrees of control over the crimes scene with at least an amateur knowledge of forensics. They tend to work until captured, and they are generally quiet and unsuspected. They hunt their victims like animals and perform their kills quickly ("Serial Killer"). One well-known organized killer was Ted Bundy. Between 1974 and 1975 he killed between 35 and 50 women in 5 states. An intelligent and cold man, he is known for putting his arm in a cast and tricking his unsuspecting victim into helping him to his car where he would bludgeon her to death with the cast
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