Causes And Effect Essay: The Effect Of Smartphones

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The Effect of Smartphones This generation is all about their smartphones. These phones now do everything for you and they make them so easy for anyone to use. But, smartphones are taking over peoples lives, and it may not be for the best. It actually changed the way people act and think. Smartphones can save all your information such as passwords, usernames, credit cards, and emils. Then they can automatically autofill it the next time you try to type them in. This is causing people to not even try to think or remember things anymore because they know that their phone will do it for them. People do not experience the meaning of life and experiences they make by just enjoying the views. Instead, people now have to record and take pictures…show more content…
Smartphones are causing bullying to increase because people just think that they can say whatever they want to each other over their phones and not get in trouble. They don’t even think about what their doing to that person because they are not actually facing them. And when someone is on their phone and texting you can't really tell how their saying it because there is no facial expressions with it. So, this can cause someone to take something someone said the wrong way, because they interpreted it differently than how it was actually supposed to…show more content…
Especially when someone is trying to get school work done, if they start using their phone then it takes them so much longer to get that work done than if they had just put the phone down and do it. People nowadays rely so much on their smartphones and its not good. For example, for directions they just use the navigation map on their phone instead of knowing how to get there by looking at directions. They get turn by turn voice directions as their driving. But,what happens when the phone dies and your completely stranded and have no idea where to go or where you

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