Causes And Effect Of Road Accident In Malaysia

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CAUSE-EFFECT ESSAY OUTLINE I. Introduction A. Hook/Attention getter (2 marks): In this modern world, the inclination of technology invent shows a positive growth but the increase in the rate of road accident is a negative issue for a developing country. B. General statement (2 marks): Prof Dr Ahmad Farhan Sadullah, the director general of Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research(MIROS) said that the number of fatalities in the country has reached an “alarming” level. This is because the statistic on the road accident in Malaysia showing a sharp rise starting this few years. C. Thesis statement (2 marks): The increasing rate of road accident is no longer a trivial case since the driver themselves neglect their disciplines on the roadway, the illegal races are increasing and the road structure is not in satisfactory condition. II. Body A. Topic sentence (2 marks): Having a bad behaviour on the roadway contributes the highest percentage to road accidents. 1. Supporting point 1 (2 marks): This can be seen in our everyday life where most of the working people need to rush to their working place. a. Sub-supporting point 1 (specific detail -3rd level) (2 marks): They drive exceed the speed limit and put others road users life and pedestrians life in danger. b. Sub-supporting point 2 (specific detail -3rd level) (2 marks): Futhermore, they even use the emergency lane especially when there is traffic congestion. 2. Supporting point 2 (2 marks): Besides that, testimony

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