Causes And Effects Essay: Lack Of Sleep

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Lack of Sleep Sleep is an important process for the body, which will affect all the functions of the system in the body. Everyone has at least once in their life to stay awake throughout an entire night. Usually, it is a choice of some students and workers. They tend to spend sleepless nights working on their assignment. In this essay, I would like to explain some causes and effects of not getting enough sleep. The first cause is a lot of assignments from school or college. The assignment is always considered as an important element in student learning activities. Through the assignment given by teacher or lecturer, students are expected to train the skills needed to be more familiar and understand a subject matter. The problem comes when the…show more content…
We are always in a dilemma when there is our favourite program on television, such as football match, MotoGP and so on. It becomes a confusing moment whether we want to sleep early or watching our favourite football club or MotoGP rider that will play at the midnight. Many of us choose to watch it instead of sleeping and it becomes a problem for us. Besides some causes explained above, there are also some effects of not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep is not trivial things. But many people are not aware that it is not good for their health. They often assume that lack of sleep is common and ignores some bad effects that will occur. As the result, there are a lot of problems that will arise when we are not getting enough sleep, such as cannot concentrate well, causing a traffic accident and brain injury. The first effect is cannot concentrate well in the class. Because of the lack of sleep, someone will be sleepy and cannot receive the knowledge given by the teacher or lecturer well. Actually, it is the same as wasting money that given by our parents, because we have to pay the school fee to get the knowledge. The most important question that should be asked to ourselves is "how do we get a lot of knowledge if we do not concentrate
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