Causes And Effects Of Absenteeism In The Industrial Industry

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8. Attraction to village life- Majority of Indian workers come from villages to towns for employment. Physically, they are in towns but mentally they are in villages. Their relatives and family members are in the villages and naturally they feel like visiting their villages often. This leads to absenteeism.
9. Alcoholism and gambling habits- A number of workers in factories are used to drinking, gambling and other habits. Such workers are unable to attend duties regularly due to such habits. This leads to absenteeism.
10. Miscellaneous causes- A miscellaneous group of causes include such factors as bad weather, another job, personal business, friends and relatives visiting from distant locations, absence of strict discipline, willful disregard of rules, religious and social festivals etc.
• Effects of Absenteeism
These are given below:
1. Normal work-flow in the industry is disturbed.
2. Overall production in the factory goes down.
3. Difficulty is faced in executing the orders in time.
4. Casual workers may have to be employed to meet production schedules. Such workers are not trained properly.
5. Overtime allowance bill increases considerably because of higher absenteeism.
6. When a number of workers absent themselves, there is extra pressure of work on their colleagues who are present.
7. Workers lose wages for the unauthorized absence from work.
8. Habitual absentees may be removed from service causing them great hardship.
• Measures of Control Absenteeism The
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