What Is The Importance Of Bullying In Schools

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• Bullying is defined as:
‘Behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group, either physically or emotionally’
• All members of the school community can be victims of bullying. Examples of bullying behaviours are: o Physical : Taking or hiding belongings o Verbal: Name-calling, teasing, insulting, writing or sending unkind notes or messages, including cyber-bullying o Emotional: Being intentionally unfriendly, excluding, unfriendly looks, spreading rumours o Cyber: Email and internet chat room misuse, mobile phone threats by text, social websites
• Teachers should be alert to signs that students may be being bullied, and should report concerns to ………………………………………….. using
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The principal must first be given the opportunity to address the matter with the teacher or other officer, and to take, record and advise on action taken.

Child Abuse
Types of abuse can include but are not limited to physical, emotional and abuse through neglect.
Abuse may be acute or involve a long-term pattern of behaviours and actions and often children are abused in more than one way. Children may be in need of protection where their basic needs are not being met, in a manner appropriate to their stage of development, and they will be at risk from avoidable acts or omission on the part of their parent(s), a carer, sibling(s) or other relative(s).

All members of staff have a duty of care to students to ensure they are protected from all harm and threats of harm. All staff should be alert to signs and indicators which suggest a child may be in need of protection. Any suspected abuse needs to be reported immediately to …………………..

Signs and symptoms of abuse could include but are not limited to any of the
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