Causes And Effects Of Bullying In Schools

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6. Conclusion: Concluding to a point where this report is providing enough evidence that female majority is more likely to be harmed by bullying and that most schools and universities do have the culture of bullying which is highly being ignored. Moreover, the ending note of this report shall also determine the age group being affected. After the survey being taken by us, another factor of age group is taken in regard that teenager female subgroup to be exact, are the most likely to be the victims of bullying. The daily routine and self esteem of a student will be affected largely by bullying. Also, it may affect the personality of that particular student in the near future and ruin the strong personality and diminish a student’s moral fiber to turn into an evil/self centric approached personality. That in turn will also diminish the chances of that student being successful in his professional life. 11 7. Suggestion and Recommendation: After rigorous analysis and consideration, the recommendations that shall be made should be based on the data that has been incurred. That is, bullying effects to be increasing racially, in female teenager subgroup and there is no place bully-free. The suggestions here are clear, which tells that a one on one counseling session shall be arranged in all schools by the counselors and therapists available at schools, and if not available, they shall be hired by all schools. This shall be implemented by imposing a policy in the country that

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