Causes And Effects Of Environmental Pollution

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Over the years, Environmental pollution has been seen an epidemic growth. It is increasing day by day due to large number of industries and automobiles. Many human activities are responsible for increasing environmental pollution. This report demonstrates that environmental pollution has bad impact of human, plants and animals. Moreover, how this is affected our environment and as well as other organisms. Also, explain what types of diseases are spreading due to the pollution. This report will explore that why the environmental pollution was increasing day by day, what factors are behind them. This report also explore the types of pollution and there sources, causes and preventive measures. The methodology used in this report is quantitative
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Water is the essential part of all the living organisms. About 70% of earth is covered with water. But when many pollutants added into water the water becomes polluted. Due to increase in population the water becomes polluted due the people attitude. Water pollution is defined as when many toxic chemicals are added into the water the water is polluted.
A small drop of harmful chemical in a house pump or cannel can polluted the water in heavy amount. This can be much harmful for human. While a large amount, a chemical in a river can pollute low water.
“Any change or modification in the physical, chemical and biological properties of water that will have a detrimental consequence on living things is water pollution.”
Water pollution affects the drinking water, lakes, rivers and all over the world. In many developing countries, the polluted water leads to death. Figure 4: Ways of polluting water Types of Water Pollution

Water pollution has many types some are discussed in this section:
1. Nutrient
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Explorations of minerals have also contributed into destruction of earth surface. Since industrial revolution, natural habitats have been destroyed, and environment has been polluted, causing disease in both humans and many other species. Human beings are also cause of land pollution by throwing chemicals and pesticides. Types of land Pollution
There are different types of land pollution. Some are discuses in this section:
Solid Waste: Solid waste includes various kind of rubbish that we make at home, school, hospitals and work places. Things like paper, plastic, bottles and cans and even used cars and broken electronic goods, and other wastes. Some are biodegradable which easily decay. And some are non-biodegradable which cannot easily decay and dissolve.
Pesticides and fertilizers: Many farming activities engage in the application of fertilizers, pesticides for higher crop output. When we want to get higher amount of food we need fertilizers. However, in some ways this also damages the land. Sometimes when small insects die with fertilizers, the other animals eat them and they died.
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