Causes And Effects Of Flood In Namibia

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Floods has devastating effects on the people and economy of a country. In the past there has been several floods experienced in Namibia that left people devastated. The most devastating was the flood experienced in 2009 which affected a wide range of people in the northern regions. This essay will serve to inform to people and broaden their knowledge about floods in general and especially in Namibia. This essay discusses the effects of floods on people and a country’s economy also looking at the current flood that is happening in the north and central of Namibia.

People are the most affected by floods. People’s houses are being flooded during floods, schools are closed, they lose their cattle and crops and their health and lives are at stake. According to Shaanika (2017) there has been at least 23, 581 learners that have been sent home or whose schools were flooded in the Omusati region and in Oshakati region over 250 people have been moved and approximately 70 reported dead also in due to drowning in Omusati region. Cattle can die by drowning if water levels are too high or through drinking polluted water. There will be an increase in malaria rate as mosquitoes breed in areas where there is a lot of still standing water which will have a negative effect on the people’s health and could lead to further economic problems. Loss of crops and cattle may have a huge effect on the farmers and people whose

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