Causes And Effects Of Grade Inflation In Education

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According to the paragraph “Stop the Rot” Sybil Burton says “Grade inflation may take the form of raising a student’s grade by one letter (from B to A, for example) or by raising a passing grade”. Burton illustrates that most universities grade students using the traditional grading system. In the universities, the grading system adopts the alphabetical order, that is, A for best grade, B, C, D, and F in the order of good to worst grades. Some are of the opinion that this system has shortcomings while others argue that it represents the range of a student’s work. Instructors, as well as students, are aware with the system. Grade inflation has become a problem at universities. Many instructors awarding more credit for a piece of academic work more than what it are worth. Often, instructors upgrade work in order for students to pass or achieve a higher grade. In this essay, I will discuss two causes and two effects of grade inflation. One of the causes of academic grades inflation in the learning institutions is the less of morality among teachers. In this case, for getting best results to show their performance, teachers award better grades than deserved, so the main focus of faculty is their performance and not teaching. Instructors give their students high grade that some of them do not deserve just to show the faculty members that they are good teachers and their class average is high. Moreover, most instructors do not teach because they really like to educate their
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