Causes And Effects Of Hurricanes

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Hurricanes Hurricanes are huge storms that have intense, powerful winds and heavy rain. They can also last more than a week. In addition, hurricanes produce winds faster than a cheetah, the fastest animal on land. Many hurricanes may cause flooding and can be dangerous. When a hurricane comes onto land it rapidly gets weak. Hurricanes can cause natural disasters, destroy many things, and can cause a storm surge. The first effect of a hurricane is, according to “Causes and Effects of Hurricanes,” “When a powerful hurricane hits land, it can cause more damage to life and property than any other natural disaster.” The effects of hurricanes include strong wind, inland flooding, and tornadoes. This means that hurricanes can cause destruction to the earth when the hurricane hits land. This also shows that after a hurricane hits it may cause strong winds, inland flooding, and tornadoes. Furthermore, inland flooding is a flood that doesn…show more content…
A storm surge is an abnormal rise in the level of the sea along a coast caused by the onshore winds of a severe cyclone. According to the article “Hurricanes”, “Storm surges are frequently the most devastating element of a hurricane.” Furthermore, a storm surge can cause a major flood. According to “Hurricanes”, “ When a hurricane makes landfall it often produces a devastating storm surge that can reach 20 feet (6 meters) high and extend nearly 100 miles (161 kilometers).” In conclusion, hurricanes can cause natural disasters, destroy many things such as buildings, cities, etc., and can form a storm surge. On the other hand, hurricanes have many causes. According to “What Causes Hurricanes?” the article stated, “Hurricanes start when warm, moist air from the ocean surface begins to rise rapidly, where it encounters cooler air that causes the warm water vapor to condense and to form storm clouds and drops of rain.” This shows that hurricanes form by warm, moist air from the ocean

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