Causes And Effects Of Marriage

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A living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage. (The Free Dictionary by farlex)
It is an arrangement in which couples live together in an intimate relationship without being registered by law.
There are many reasons for which couples prefer Live in relationships or cohabitation over marriage. They are enumerated below:
• Financial reasons.
• Few couples want to test their compatibility before getting married to each.
• Couples are anxious about the prospect of marriage.
• The people are worried about the emotional turmoil that would occur after divorce. (Walton, 2012)
Live in relationship seems like a stepping stone towards marriage but it is not. According to a research, living together can harm the relationship. Couples are more likely to break up after living in and the divorce rates tend to be higher after marriage of the people who were earlier in a live in relationship. This is because people who live together slide into the idea of getting married. They get married and end up getting divorced. Scholars termed it as ‘inertia’. This term explains that it is very difficult to get separated if you’re living with your partner. They don’t want to leave the feeling of belongingness. This is the reason they think marriage is more palatable than the other alternative. Couples who get engaged first to get married and then get into a

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