The Cause Of Poverty

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Poverty has become one of the main issues in our world in the recent years due to its inevitable causes. Many people are uneducated on poverty, and claim that it does not exist in their city or province. This is untrue because poverty is found even in the richest provinces and most extravagant cities. People who might be struggling with poverty in such places are the laborers, construction workers, bus drivers, and tailors, for their wages are too little to satisfy their families’ basic needs like shelter, food, and proper education. Therefore, poverty leads to pauperism, increase in health issues, and even an increase in crime rate.
One of the main reasons that caused poverty is made by humans, and the reason with the most terrible outcomes is war. War between two countries, or even within the country itself, causes the economy of the countries to deteriorate because most of the money is used to provide war supplies and to prepare the soldiers for war. As a result, it will be harder for people living in the countries to get things they usually got easily because prices increase considerably due to products being limited, so the people will be forced to live in poverty.
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er terrible effect of war is that education will be extremely difficult to attain, and an indirect cause of poverty is the lack of education because if people don’t get a proper education, it will be extremely difficult for them to get their hands on decent
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