Causes Of Procrastination Essay

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Procrastination is delaying or putting tasks behind. This effects many people especially college students. We tend to procrastinate which leads to a bad outcome in the future. When a task is due we tend to leave it behind and we don’t realize the causes and effects to this which is why I will explain the effects and outcomes to procrastination. The effects of procrastination is that we tend to leave things behind for later then this job or task will never be done. This can effect s in life too, leaving things for later eventually we get really lazy then do these tasks really or don’t even do them at all. Procrastination is like a bad habit that never goes away, we all do this. For example if we have an assignment or project due for school we leave it to a day before or even the day of. Procrastination makes us forget about the actual due date because we have made a due date in our minds. I myself procrastinate a lot which did not lead to a great mark. This leaves us stressful and full of anxiety which leads to an…show more content…
Procrastination can lead to an unsuccessful outcome because when stress and anxiety come in other problems do to like delaying your career or projecting building up a pile of things you were supposed to do or were going to do, this leads to emotional break down and consistently nailing yourself down and never feeling proud. Hating yourself for not completing things you could have easily done and giving up. Giving up is the most common thing people do, this leads to depression and other health risks. Drug abuse might even come in at this stage. Sometimes when our minds accept failure we tend to push our self-down and think we can’t do anything, so we give up. From a couple tasks lead to thousands and some people don’t ever thing this might be a serious issue. They shut themselves down and continue doing nothing about the problem. When really this was all in our own
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