Causes And Effects Of Social Media On Students

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Cause and Effect Every high schooler has a phone, and just about all of them are smartphones , which makes accessing social media sites that much easier to access. Due to the amount of time teenagers, and young people in general, spend on their phones, an undeveloped sense of judgement, and the distraction phones provide, social media is detrimental to a high schoolers grades. Students lives should be centered around learning good habits, studying, and gaining more knowledge to prepare them for a life without their parents. But, in today 's world this learning process is often derailed by the ploys of social media. Kids neglect their studies to instead check their Snapchat or Twitter. Overuse of social media can slow down the learning process and can affect students grades in a negative way. Studies have shown that social media is addictive, and becoming addicted to social media can cause bad habits. Students would rather direct message their friends on an app rather than finish their math labs or write their essay. On social media apps, you are judged by how many followers people have. If kids have a certain amount of followers they are deemed “popular” or “cool”, but, if they do not have that certain amount of followers, people say that they are not a cool person and think that person does not have any friends. Not having many followers on social media can cause a student to do things that they would not usually do to gain followers, and attention. The things a kid does
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