Essay On The Causes And Effects Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution: Causes and Effects

The American Revolution was a major process leading to America gaining independence. The British were in control of the Americans and wanted to be considered powerful and unstoppable. The British decided to create political and financial changes that affected the Americas in unsuitable ways. The new changes caused major rebellion towards the British, which was the colonies attempt at getting fair treatment by the British. The British tried to make compromises with the Americans to make it seem like they were getting benefits; however, in reality the British were getting the upper hand. The Americans noticed that the British were not holding up their end of the agreement. The Americans decided that independence would be more beneficial for them so they began to carry out ways to break away from the British.
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The British began to make political and financial changes that affected the Americans in negative ways. The rebellion to the financial changes caused the British to change America politically. The political changes were also a step towards affecting America. The financial changes were the most significant causes because they caused major controversies in which lead to political changes and major effects. Therefore, without the financial changes and rebellion towards the financial changes the British wouldn’t have produced political changes. Additionally, the political changes were also one step leading to major effects into the birth of the Americas; however, without the financial changes the political changes wouldn’t have came about. The results from the changes lead to documents and committees that benefitted the American colonists. The effects later lead to the birth of the independence of the United States of America and the end of the American
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