Causes And Effects Of The Battle Of Bunker Hill

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During the Revolutionary War there were many important battles and people that impacted the war. One of the important battles of the war was the Battle of Bunker Hill. There was many causes, leaders, events, and effects during the Battle of Bunker Hill, that make this battle important. The reason this battle happened was because King George III didn’t want the colonists to attack the British soldiers so he told the soldiers to destroy the colonists gunpowder. King George III didn’t want the colonists fighting anymore after the battles of Lexington and Concord. There was some battles and events that led up to the Battle of Bunker Hill for example the battles of Lexington and Concord, the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party. Also there was some acts, or laws, that were passed before the Battle of Bunker Hill. Most of the acts were …show more content…

On the American Colonists’ side one of the leaders was Paul Revere. Paul Revere was in the Sons of Liberty to stop British taxes. On the British side the leader was King George III. King George III was the king of Great Britain and was determined to stop the colonists. Also in the battle there was more leaders like General Prescott and General Howe (Russell page 97). General Howe is commander-in-chief of British forces. General Prescott was in the militias army. Most of the leaders were on the American Colonists’ side. On June 16, 1775 the British soldiers that were in Boston got orders to march to Concord.There mission was to destroy the colonists’ gunpowder. When they got there most of the gunpowder had already been moved. They destroyed what gunpowder was left. After that they marched back to Boston. Along the way the colonists were waiting in the woods behind trees and big rocks. They opened fire on the soldiers while they were marching. They did this until they finally reached Boston. When the soldiers got to Boston 174 were wounded and 73 were

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