Causes And Effects Of The Black Death In Europe

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The research project I will be talking about is The Black Death also commonly known as the Bubonic Plague that happened in the 14th century in Medieval Europe. It was harmful to the people and the economy of Europe. The Black Death caused many people to die starting from China all the way to Europe resulting in a decrease in the economy and the armed forces.

The Black Death originally came from Central Asia during the 1338s and made its way to China and Italy by 1346. It then infected the Black Sea Port in Kaffa by 1347 and went to China westward traveling through the Silk Road. In the course of time, the plague reached Crimea and Constantinople.

Before the Black Death, Constantinople was the place where travelers and merchants from Asia and Europe as well as Africa came across. The goods from the East moved to Europe through Constantinople slowly spreading the plague. The plague then went through Constantinople and moved spread throughout Mediterranean countries. From there, the plague spread further Europe affecting more countries. During several years, the plague made its way throughout Europe and affected Europe causing numerous deaths and depopulation.

Before the Black Death struck Europe, they were in the High Middle Ages (1020-1300) where they were prevailing in agricultural technology, but was inadequate for further expansion of its country. So, to provide the sufficient space of growth, the forests were cleared and made
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