Causes And Effects Of The Black Death

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The Black Death was a very rough time and harmful, with the population dropping 1/3, having the economy being poor because of inflation, and people being afraid to walk to streets, The Black Death or what scientist call it “The Bubonic Plague”. This tragedy started around 1347‐ 1352 A.D, originating from East Asia or China .This disease was brought by the sea from ships, and on the ship was black rats and fleas were carrying it and it was passed down to the rats. These rodents spread the Bubonic plague from China to Europe and lastly, it hit Britain in 1348. The Black Death caused the prices to skyrocket this was also known as inflation. “So, caught between rising production costs and falling revenue, middle‐class lords tried to force a price‐freeze and, when they couldn 't, many gave up and sold their estates.” What this means is that as workers quit their jobs to try and stay safe and now the prices…show more content…
In hopes of survival, many began to abandon the homes and sometimes there loved ones just trying to leave the city. “Children abandoned the father, husband abandoned the wife, wife the husband, one brother the other, one sister the other…. Some fled to villas, others to villages in order to get a change in air.” The horror that people in Europe were scared out of there minds. Thats why some people went to the church to pray to God hoping for forgiveness. By 1350, the people that survived the plague began to realize the horror was almost ending. The Black Death caused many loved ones to be gone. The Black Death caused many people to miss out on their future, such as college, but also, many of the colleges were destroyed. Also, a decline in trade happened because people were scared to trade good because some people could have the plague and the country could have had it as well. During the middle ages, the plague killed about 1/3 of Europe 's population. That is why the “Black Death” was harmful to
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