Causes And Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution in the 1900s was a time of substantial transformation throughout society. Not only did countries become greatly dependent upon one another, but it has also influenced people’s lifestyles and the global economy. The effects of this are still relevant today. Of course this has brought many benefits, but resulting factors such as urbanization and the hunger for industrial and global economic growth has led to many problems, not the least of which is climate change. The Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century and has severely influenced the way humans interact with each other and their environment. It started in Britain in the mid 1700’s, replacing manual labor with machines, and fossil fuels replaced water, wind, and wood’s jobs. The industry that saw the first benefits of this revolution was the textile industry. This revolution spread all over Europe and to America within the time period of one hundred years and not only allowed production quantity to increase, but also elevated the quality of the products and has changed the world we live in (Stearns,7). Urbanization is one of the most lasting features caused by the revolution, and its effects can still be seen these days. The trend that can be seen almost anywhere around the world of a higher number of people living in cities than the countryside all started in the Industrial Revolution era. Urbanization is when the population of a certain area move from the rural to the urban area in
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