Causes And Effects Of The Spanish American War

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There were many causes and effects of the Spanish American War. America achieved Manifest Destiny in the 1800’s when expanding west. When the United States started to gain land in the west, they started to control the Native Americans to gain resources to eventually trade with. While the United States was expanding and imperializing, they were focused on trade and military growth. America purchased Alaska from Russia to trade with Asia and to gain resources because Alaska was rich with gold and oil. The United States sailed to China and Japan to trade and become allies with them with the Open Door Policy. The United States also set up military bases in Hawaii in Pearl Harbor. Because America was so focused on trade/resources and military bases, they were not ready for war. Therefore when Cuba asked for help in war, President Grover Cleveland declined. Finally, William McKinley decided to go to war when he became President, and the battles begun. The Spanish-American war had many factors that caused it such as the rebellion in Cuba and Yellow Journalism, and it had many effects after the battles in the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

The rebellion in Cuba eventually led to the Spanish-American War and had many effects afterwards. Christopher Columbus sailed into Cuba in 1492. Spain had owned Cuba ever since Columbus took over. Spain owned Cuba as a sugar colony and were slaves under harsh ruling. The Cubans obviously hated this and rebelled against Spain. Cuba’s

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