Causes And Effects Of The War Of 1812

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The War of 1812 (1812-1814) was one of the important event in the American history. This war is also known as the second war of independence for America. This war was fought between the United States and Britain. After gaining independence form Britain some forty years ago, this war was the second clash between America and Britain. The war broke down for two years. The war was declared in 1812 but the seeds of the war were planted a decade before. In this essay I am going to discuss about the causes of the war, the start and end of the war, and the effects of war on America. The two main causes of the War of 1812 are seizure of American Ships and Goods and Frontier Indian Conflict. In 1803. Seizure of American Ships and Goods is the first reason…show more content…
The battle of Trippecanoe gave rise to the Indian conflicts in the old Northwest, this soon merged into the bigger conflict with Britain which is now known as the War of 1812. Britain and France both attacked the U.S ships between 1809 and 1812 after the conflict and Madison could not fully decide either Britain or France as America’s primary enemy. The congress then implemented the Non - Intercourse Act, replacing Jefferson’s embargo. The non - Intercourse Act prohibited Americans to establish any trade relations with France or Britain or any of their colonies. The consequences of this act caused economic distress and thus the country was divided and on the verge of war. In 1811 a group named War Hawks was formed. War Hawks consisted of young Republicans from West and South under the leadership of Henry Clay of Kentucky. War Hawks were eager to start the war against the Britain. The War Hawks approved major defense expenditures, and the army quadrupled in size. In June 1812 Congress declared war on Britain. New England and some Middle Atlantic States opposed the war, fearing the effect on commerce, whereas the South and West supported it. “Lust for power”, “unbound tyranny”, and “mad ambition” were issued by The Foreign Relations Committee to justify the Report in the Causes and Reasons for War. The war began by attacking Canada. The War Hawks predicted victory over Canada in four weeks, but the war lasted two and half years and still America did not win. The outlook of the war was grim, but in late 1812 and early 1813 the tide began to turn to America’s favor. America started to win the battle in the sea and in 1813 they attacked York and burned it. In the same year General Harrison took an army from Detroit into Canada and defeated the British and Indians at the battle of Thames. The U.S was gaining victory over the Britain, so in advance the British ships sailed into Chesapeake Bay with 5000 troops and
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