Tnc And Globalization

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Globalization is a process in which the world becomes more and more inter connected as a result of trade and the exchange of culture. Big companies that were once national companies have become trans-national companies (TNCs). These companies are mostly based in MEDCs (More Economically Developed country’s) such as the US or the UK. The TNCs invest in MEDCs and LEDCs (less economically developed country) to maximize their benefit. Most TNCs including Nike get their products manufactured in LEDCs such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. There are many reasons why TNCs manufacture in LEDCs such as cheap raw materials, cheap labor, and friendly government policies. The research question that is going to be pursued is are TNCs…show more content…
In most of the countries is Asia such as china and Indonesia has had severe consequences because of water pollution. Over 320 million people in china do not have access to clean drinkable water due to water pollution. The main brands that are causing this pollution in mainly china and Indonesia are clothing brands such as Burberry, Disney and Adidas. Due to certain investigations done by Greenpeace a textile facility were dumping PH 14 water, hazardous and hormone disrupting chemicals straight into the local water supply. This is one of many factories in Indonesia that are using local water supplies like sewers for their chemical waste. In Indonesia 1 in 2 people do not have access to clean drinking water this means that people are drinking water that has been contaminated with chemicals from big factories causing many people to get severe condition after drinking infected water. Bangladesh have also huge problems with water pollution where factories for big companies such as Wal-Mart, penny and H&M their toxic chemicals into a water canal in Savar. The smell is so bad that nearby schoolhouse have kids that faint and teachers feel like they are choking on…show more content…
Certain fast food companies are also a big part of deforestation, which is destroying our planet just to have palm oil for their products. TNCs are also one of the reasons why countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and china are highly air polluted which is affecting the environment a lot. TNCs also dump a lot of waste into the environment. TNCs are not doing enough to protect the environment. One other cause is because there are not many laws and regulations in those countries to stop the dumping or

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